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issues with Machine stalls
« on: May 27, 2017, 01:55:04 PM »
Hi there
I have put together a MDF / Wood Cutting CNC Machine. But I have some problem with it, which is really bugging me for the last week or so.
Problem that I have is during a simple 2D Profiling Cut, After few Minutes my machine stalls on me, and as you know I keep missing some line of codes, and machine starts to cut Profile wronglyyyyy.        (Should Mention I am using ArtCam in order To generate G codes, and the Profiling I was doing Had a Total of 6mm depth, which I was trying to cut with 2 mm Step down Only.
I cannot figure out what is or are the cause of this problem. 
My machine is made of the followings:
•   Two  4.5 N.m (637 OZ-In) NEMA 34 Step Motor for my Y Axis. (To be Exact the  Leadshine Model No.  86HS45 Step Motor)
•   One Of The same Motor for X and another for Z Axis.
•   Y and X axis are rack and pinion with a 13 Pitch Pinion each @ 7 mm apart.
•   The drivers are also LeadShine M880A
•   My Board is the Typical Chinese made.  The so called 5 axis Board.
•   Spindle is a 3 Hp Single phase which I run it using a single to three Phase LS Inverter.
•   The Structure is a Light 4”*4” (10 cm * 10 cm) Square Tube
•   The Dimension of the Table is 2m*4m, So it is sort of Big but not so heavy since the thickness of Tube is only 2 or 3 mm.
•   The Controller is Mach3 Version R3.041

I wonder what could be the problem, and what is it that I can do in order to fix the problem.
Should I
1.   Increase the size and Power of my Motors? Or
2.   Increase  The Power of My Spindle or
3.   Is it an Electro Magnetic Noise From my Drivers or my Bob …, and if it is How can I fix it?
4.   Also about the spindles, What is more Powerful?  Running with my Highest RPM which is 18000 or running with lower RPM?
5.   Should I use some kind of Gear Box or pulley System? Which one is better or less expensive or most importantly requires Overall  less Design Change
Any Recommendation is highly appreciated.
Re: issues with Machine stalls
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2017, 01:40:26 PM »
What is your power supply voltage?  Torque falls off as a step motor increases in speed as the back EMF reduces the current that can be supplied. So you want to use the highest voltage the drivers can handle. Acceleration requires more torque too. So if the torque falls off too fast try decreasing acceleration.