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correct driver mapping
« on: May 16, 2017, 05:34:26 PM »
Hello folks,

Newb question here but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I have the ESS plugin settings mapped exactly like the documentation has. I also am using the exact same nomenclature as per the documentation. So do I wire the driver pictured to MOTOR x Step, MOTOR x DIR & Enable for MOTOR x to pul+, pul- and DIR- respectively?
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Re: correct driver mapping
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welcome aboard.

Need a few more details before I could answer your question at least with reasonable certainty of being correct.

Usually Mach4/ESS assign the following:

Axis 0    Motor 0       X axis
Axis 1    Motor 1       Y axis
Axis 2    Motor 2       Z axis
Axis 6    Motor 6       Spindle    --note that axis 6 is the first 'out of band' axes available in Mach4, they can be motion controlled
                                               but not motion co-ordinated with other axes.
As to which pin to hook to which driver terminal will depend on the driver. Can you post the driver manual?

The most common setup is step/direction. Thus for each motor there would be two pins assigned, and if you use the ability to assign
aliases to pins engendered by the ESS plugin, XSTEP,XDIR for instance. Each pin would typically be connected to corresponding pul+
terminal of the driver with all the pul- terminals shorted together and hooked to 0V of the BoB.
The axis enable signal can be assigned using the ESS plugin, XENABLE for instance and that pin hooked to the enable terminal of the driver.

Much of these assignments depend on the driver, some are logic low, some logic high. While the wiring for each may be different they achieve
the same ends. Post your driver manual please.

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