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Fusion 360 Post Processor errors
« on: May 03, 2017, 09:59:10 PM »
Hi.  I have just started using fusion and am now attempting to post some toolpaths to be run on a cnc router running Mach 3.  When posting from fusion (tap, txt,) the Gcode looks fine but when opened in Mach 3, it alerts with multiple errors.  Most of the errors are for lines of codes that only have an X or Y coordinate, but there are also coordinates with 2 decimal points in them.  It seems as if the code is getting jumbled somehow.  This seems to be a Mach issue as the Gcode editor from fusion does not show any of these errors on the lines of code that are appearing when opened in Mach 3.  I happened to have a programmer from Autodesk in the shop and he spent about an hour trying to modify the Mach 3 post software and he was baffled.  He said this is the first time that he had ever seen a controller delete lines of code or add redundant coordinates on a line. We are hosting an Autodesk meetup tomorrow and I was hoping to mill some things on the router but at this point am stymied. Has anyone had these issues before?  I have been posting from Vcarve to this machine and have had zero issues like this but somehow this does seem to be on the Mach side of the equation. Any thoughts?


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Re: Fusion 360 Post Processor errors
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2017, 12:57:10 AM »
Yep reboot the computer, that fixed it for me last time that happened, and can you post a gcode that failed