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« on: May 01, 2017, 04:58:20 PM »
Hi all

I will try and explain this as best as possible but as it is mainly my father whom is dealing with it my explanation may not be the best.
We have an understandably old morbidelli a502. He has be retrofitting the machine as the old tria was a complete pain and not what we wanted. My dad has a good understanding of machines and has got as far as retrofitting it so it operates through CSM control then via mach 3. We are now on to getting the axis to work via pulses and voltages etc. The machine has all new encoders etc and is operating but we are just having a few issues with setting the axis up on mach 3. The mach 3 is issuing a fault on our y drive, and it is acting erratically such as fast movements, we have managed to configure the x and z axis so that they will operate at intended speeds but we are struggling with the y axis. All ports and pins are set up correctly to what we know of. Could it be a case that we have configured wrong and that we have set velocities or accel to high? We just can't seem to get past the y fault on the mach 3.

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Re: Retro-fit
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You need to provide a lot more information, to get any kind of help.
Do you mean that you are using a CS Labs controller?
The fault will likely be coming from the servo drive, and not Mach3.

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Re: Retro-fit
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No problem what information will be needed as I can get all information easy enough. Thanks for the reply