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Author Topic: Home Z Reverses When Using G28 or G30  (Read 891 times)

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Home Z Reverses When Using G28 or G30
« on: April 28, 2017, 07:15:02 PM »
I have been using Mach3 with XP for several years.  It has worded flawlessly from day one.

I decided to update to Windows 7, as I read how well it worked with the Windows 7 32 bit operating system.

I have spent hours trying to get it all working correctly again.  I am hung up on one problem that no matter what I do there seems to be no solution.

My problem is getting it to home properly with G28 or G30.

If I use the Home All Key, or the individual Home Keys for X, Y, or Z, it homes perfectly.

But when it encounters G28 or G30 in the program code, the Z axis homes right down toward the table.

Before it would trigger all three axis to move toward home at the same time, just like the home all key does now.
Doing some testing, with the Z axis all the way up, I noticed that with G28 or G30 ONLY THE Z axis is homing, and of course in the wrong direction.

So what ever the problem is, there are two things that are happening differently than it used to do.

I have hundreds of programs for different items.  I sure hate to remove the G28 from each, and then manually home the Mill after every cut.

Hopefully someone has experienced this situation and can offer a solution.

Sure hope so!
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Re: Home Z Reverses When Using G28 or G30
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2017, 09:12:27 PM »

First have a read of Mach command for G28 and G30.

Now note that depending on the current "mode"  ie; machine was homed, active G54, machine coordinates, part coordinates, G90 /G91 active...... the G28 and G30 may not seem to be functioning correctly, BUT,  they are, you just don't seem to understand what's happening in the current situation. Three buttons, 6 or 7 modes so a lot combinations if you were to test.