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ready with evaluation
« on: April 28, 2017, 02:42:34 AM »

I'm ready evaluating mach3/mach4 and yes, mach4 offers more to fullfill my wishes.
What I most missed in mach3 where the toggle-buttons and I did not succeed in fake something similar with a combination of led and transparent button.
In mach4 very easy and I like the event system of mach4. Attach a togglebutton to an output signal and you're done. Pretty easy. And I very like the enabling system for buttons. Yeah!

So most of my 4-axis screen for Monitor with 1920x1080 resolution is already done :)
I could hide the milliseconds of the cycle time behind the limits of the notebook-page. Very smart.
Well, only the first page is done yet. For the other pages I first have to buy a motion controller.

With the new developer version the group-box-title-issue is resolved. Each notebook-page has a fontsize property, which defaults to the size of the tabpage-button fontsize. Reducing the fontsize of the notebook-page brings group-box-title displayed as desired.

What I miss most with mach4 are transparent image-buttons and transparent toggle-buttons. Could that be triggered by the transparent portion of the attached image? This way custom shaped buttons could be realized. A feature, that is possible in mach3 ;)

During work with the new screen-designer I noticed several issues:

- No undo (I very miss this function!)
- when resizing the application window in designer mode, all elements get moved to the right. That's very annoying, as there is no "select all" function, no undo and no way to lock the position of screen elements
- error in property-fieldentry: its not possible to enter a lowercase "Oh"
- selected elements loose surrounding selection frame, so after changing a property its not possible to move the element by drag&drop. First the element has to be deselected and selected again do move it
- jog actions are wrong localized (at least the german version): positive and negative jogs are both labelde with "+"

One very nice feature of screen designer for mach3 "MachScreen": selected elements (single- and multiselection) can be moved by cursor keys. That's pretty nice especially together with a magnifier to fine adjust screen elements. May be, this could be implemented in mach4 too ;)

So for me, the conclusion is this:
mach4 is not perfect yet, but offers greater benefit already. So I'll go for mach4 :)