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Author Topic: m6 executes without machine motion if stop hit before tool call  (Read 767 times)

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Just had an interesting problem on my ATC on custom made 5A router.

As a quick description, the tools are mounted on a sliding tool rack horizontally.  The M6 macro will pick up the spindle, rotates the B/C so the tool is horizontal facing the sliding tool rack, rack then extends out, machine movement then will bring Z down installing tool in tool fork, releases tool, rack retracts, machine moves to new slot, rack extends installing tool into spindle, spindle grabs tool, z picks up removing tool from tool forks, rack retracts, b/c return to zero and resumes program.  While running a test program with just tool holders in the machine I hit the stop button about 3 lines before the tool change (actually hit feed hold first, then hit stop followed by rewind).  what happened is the m6 macro ran, but did not execute any of the motion, just operated all the outputs, thus dropping the toolholder out of the spindle onto the machine table and my tool rack slide went in and out.  I have run the machine for over 4 months without missing a single tool change.  Any idea what caused this?  I executed the same situation a couple other times using different programs, so it seems to be something with the way it sees the M6 even though the code is stopped ahead of time.  My look ahead is set to 20, so I have to assume it puts the M6 in queue and then just purges it but still executes output codes?

I am running an earlier version of Mach4 from roughly a year ago, so not sure if anything has been added to fix this or not.  Didn't want to update Mach since machine has been essentially running flawless until this.

Any ideas