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Author Topic: G28.1 resets program to first line  (Read 887 times)

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G28.1 resets program to first line
« on: February 24, 2017, 11:43:05 AM »
When I do, say,  G28.1 Z30 within the gcode it homes the Z-Axis, as it should, but oddly enough it also restarts the program from the first line, same as doing stop/rewind/start.

Any ideas why this could be happening? Is there an option somewhere that is actually telling it to do this?  I've tried to go through all the settings but couldn;t find anything to that effect.

I need to zero the z-axis within the code several times during the program because of another issue I encountered - I am using G31 to get a Z point cloud but I find that each probe causes the z-axis to mis-step. Although the mis-step is small it amounts to an unacceptable amount after several probes so I need to use the G28.1 to re-zero the Z-axis every dozen or so probed points to keep it accurate.

I don't know iof it is related but sometimes G28.1 goes past the home switch without stopping and only stops when it hits the emergency limit switch which is a couple of mm further on.

My machine is a Chinese 3040Z-DQ.  If I correctly understand the controller is XncPod V2.35.6, which I get from the 'Plugin control' menu.
The software is Mach3 V R3.043.066.
It had no limit or homing switches so I made my own. They are such that each axis first trips the homing switch and if for any reason it goes past it then it will hit a second switch which is wired in parallel to the Emergency-Stop switch to make absolutely sure it stops before hitting the mechanical end.