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rotary machining problem
« on: February 19, 2017, 05:26:13 PM »
hi there peeps

I am having a problem with rotary machining
I think it might be the way I have mach3 set up
I have a file made in vetric aspire
when trying to machine this file at first I set a vector boundary beyond the file so as to machine all of it but when I machined it it put a deep gouge in the work
I read somewhere that I should make the file larger in width and machine to the edge
so I tried that it didn't work so I went back to the original file and just machined to the boundary
when I do the roughing pass it seems to go as expected
then I change tool re set the z axis and start the finishing pass
when it starts it starts in the wrong position
what am I doing wrong
also when saving the toolpath it says it will wrap around the y axis 361 deg is this correct I thought it would be 360 deg