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Author Topic: CV should take in account motor's maximum acceleration  (Read 3339 times)

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CV should take in account motor's maximum acceleration
« on: December 13, 2016, 09:27:37 AM »
Hello guys,

This is probably a duplicate but i think this topic is enough important.

The constant velocity feature does not take as first rule to never accelerate a motor more than the value set in the relevant page.

Because of this, abrupt change in direction leads to step losses. For me, the constant velocity is unusable. Then i use exact stop. Then the overall time performance dramatically decrease, and my CNC is crying.

Example : do a big circle (ex: > 300mm radius) : it works. Do a 3mm radius circle : awfull !

I read that the development team is now focused on Mach4, but this take a far too long time.

Alliowing a modified CV algorithme to first take in acccount the motors acceleration limitation should not be very complicated.


And you, fellow readers, support this request.  ;)