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Author Topic: MACH3 / UC100 Bump and reference loss when starting cycle  (Read 1078 times)

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MACH3 / UC100 Bump and reference loss when starting cycle
« on: November 26, 2016, 07:53:59 PM »
Hi All,

This started about 12 months ago following updating to the latest MACH3 & UC100 plugin. I haven't used the machine much in the past year so have lived with it, but now it is annoying me so I thought I'd find out if anyone else has the same symptoms.
  Dell Optiplex 990 (64bit i7, 8GB RAM etc.)
  Windows 7
  MACH3 3.043.066
  UC100 2.148
  Gcode from Cut2d
  Mill - vslot-Ox
  Start by powering-up, starting MACH3, referencing and zero axes and loading G-Code.  Jog etc. all works fine.  Then I start the cycle and MACH3 runs through the preamble in the Gcode until it actually has to move something, then it hangs for about 2 - 4 seconds.  No report of loss of sync with UC100.  Then usually it Emergency Stops and the position DROs go to some random offsets on X/Y/Z (note to self - shall check whether the machine coords zeroes have changed when this happens).  After resetting the Estop, jogging works fine.  The only solution then is to shutdown Mach3, unplug the UC100 from USB, replug it and start MACH3 and go through the sequence again.
  Sometimes it doesn't happen, the machine runs fine from power-up.  Other times I have to cycle several times.  I have tried various start-up procedures (USB unplugged at power on etc., starting the spindle before the cycle etc.) without any correlation.
  Once the system has got past this initial problem, it will happily run for a full day's work without missing a beat.

Anyone else have similar symptoms?

Cheers, A.

BTW - great forum; I used it a lot when finding my CNC feet a few years back.