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MACH3 programmer required
« on: November 21, 2016, 11:50:34 AM »
Hi my name is Richard
I am currently building an automated TIG welding system and I 'm looking for someone to write the program code for the MACH3 software, the basic spec of what the machine has to do is listed below, if anyone is interested in providing a programming service please let me know and we can discuss the costs.

Manually drive to start point and set as ZERO. Proximity sensor for crash detect stop all movement ensure manual override cannot drive forward only dive away from proximity sensor. (INPUT 1)
Determine STEP OVER and enter (+ or - for direction user to enter into a dialog box on screen)
Set TORCH HEIGHT (user to manually position using joystick control)
STARTweld starts (OUTPUT 1), If weld on signal not present (INPUT 2) ALL STOP. Receive signal WELD ON (INPUT 2) then 1 sec delay rotation starts (OUTPUT 2)
360 deg rotation, signal step over (INPUT 3)
Move step over distance (all weld and rotate signals remain on)

If ALLSTOP(button on screen and possibly stop button on control panel (INPUT 5) immediate – stop weld – stop rotation, lift torch to home position. Remember x axis position.

If TUNGSTEN CHANGE button on screen - continue weld to step point. Stop rotation Stop weld wait for slope out (input 2 monitoring arc on).
Lift torch to home
Remember X axis position. Return X axis to home

Operator changes consumables. Press RESUME button on screen
X axis returns to last stop point +/- step over distance. Set TORCH HEIGHT (manual operation using joystick). Press WELD RESUME button on screen- START continue welding with step over

Whilst job is running
Manual adjustment made by operator on Z and Y axis by joystick

Any help is greatly appreciated 
thanks Richard