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Mach3 not continual moving
« on: November 17, 2016, 11:49:44 AM »
I am new on this forum

I have problem:

For example mach is in actual position X0 Y0

M7 //or different user macro

Is not running continualy... Why? I am using mach3 for plasma and I want to turn THC-off on (or send command to plasma power supply for change gas pressure, cutting current) corners because it plunge torch down in slow speed on corner point, but when I use M-macro for THC off/on it stops on point where I turn off/on THC and this function is unusable...

Ok this I solved... but...

Next problem: I have curves or more arcs step by step (G02, G03 commands) and this is not running in one way. In both cases I am in CV-mode but I want very small CV-dist-tollerance, ideal zero, but 1mm is allowable, but mach3 stay stops on point where ends one move command and starts different move command.

Can anyone help me? Can mach do my needs, or I must replace mach with other better program?


Sorry for my bad english