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Plasma Pipe Profiler
« on: November 04, 2016, 02:38:42 PM »

I am currently using Mach3 and in the process of transitioning to Mach4 (using demo version for testing purposes atm) for our pipe profiler. Using the Tomahawk 40A cutter we can cut 2" sch40 at 80IPM, we are in the process of purchasing a PowerMax 125 with the CPC package for a few added features such as OK to move and arc voltage out. The machine was designed and built by in-house. 1300 IPM theoretical max X (length of pipe) and 800 IPM theoretical max Y (rotation). We are running the machine at 800 X and 600 Y since it is powered with steppers without encoders. This is to ensure the steppers don't lose positioning. Currently using a chuck out a pipe threading machine. Looking for better, larger options.

I also have a 10'x20' format plasma table in the works, currently nearing the end of the design phase. Attached to the Y carriage is an infinity rotation +2 axis' setup.