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Author Topic: Excel file to calc proper feed IPM from IPR at different diameters - Mach Turn?  (Read 1266 times)

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Kinda hard to ask that clearly in one simple sentence. ::)

I had a terrible experience trying to part off 2" H-13 steel this weekend.  My normal method of using G96 & a slow feed resulted in 'orrible howling & work hardening.  I finally calc'd the RPM's at 1/8" increments in diameter, used that speed to calc a new feed in IPM for each diameter and after manually writing the code it worked pretty well.  Theoretically a sound idea but my lathe (in its higher torque belt reduction mode) ran out of speed at about the 1" point but that's another story & a problem I can't fix until I change it over to a supercharged 5 liter Jag spindle motor. ;)

Anyway, has anyone ever set up an Excel S/S to calc the numbers using the  SFM, IPR, RPM & diameter?  I can calc it manually but you computer types should be able to do that in your sleep.

...or someone could announce that they tweaked a few lines of the magic Mach3 code & G95 will now work in concert with G96! ;D
Milton from Tennessee ya'll.