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Author Topic: recommended 5-axis usb board for Mach3  (Read 2404 times)

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recommended 5-axis usb board for Mach3
« on: October 18, 2016, 01:56:20 AM »
What is an affordable but decent quality control board to drive 5 stepper motors (XYZAB) using Mach3 and a USB cable? Doesn't have to have any fancy features but needs to be able to use soft limits and go to home where it slows down at the last little bit and then zeros (my current board it will replace just slams into home and then I have to reset the machine).

No ESS, etc. , just a usb cable from the computer to the board.

Thanks folks.
Re: recommended 5-axis usb board for Mach3
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2016, 03:59:13 PM »

The UC100 USB motion controller from CNC4PC is a simple solution stepper motor control that has very good reviews. It costs $114.00


A small breakout board that will do 5 axis is sold by Stepperonline, and cost all of $11.79. I have used this board, and it works as
advertised. Be sure to download the manual for the board. You will need a separate 12 or 24v supply to activate the 0-10v output if you use an inverter for spindle control.


This will give you a very reliable set up.

The home and soft limits will work in Mach3 if you have home switches set up. Soft limits is a function in Mach3 that needs the motion limits/boundaries entered into the home/limits menu.