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Author Topic: XHC New Generation Mach3 Motion Control Card.  (Read 4190 times)

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XHC New Generation Mach3 Motion Control Card.
« on: October 13, 2016, 03:33:17 AM »
Hello, Guys,

This is Alex He from ChengDu XinHeCheng Technology Co.,Ltd. Our webstie: www.cdxhctech.com.

Our factory are specialize in XHC Brand Mach3 breakout board and mach3 wireless remote control.

Main Product Model No. are: MK3-IV, MK4-IV, MK6-IV, WHB04-L, WHB04B-4 and WHB04B-6.

Today I would like to tell you more about our MKX-V, new generation mach3 motion control card.

With our engineer's hard working, we now developed our new board.

More useful functions added to this board.

1. Pulse output support differential output, this will be useful for servo motor while running in high speed.

2.Emergency power off memory stock function. When the machine suddenly power off, Our card will start this function, when the power recovery, the machine will process from current coordinate when power off.

3. Spindle rotary speed feedback. Spindle speed on the mach3 interface.

If there is anyone who like our new card, please contact me via: xhctech-alex@hotmail.com

Then we can talk about details. Thanks