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Author Topic: Jog Mod Change from Increment Change  (Read 1057 times)

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Jog Mod Change from Increment Change
« on: September 25, 2016, 06:39:58 PM »
I have a problem I do not know how to fix.  On one of my new machines when you click on the <Cylcle Jog Step> button on the jog screen it sometimes (about 1 in 4 times) changes the <Jog Mode> from Step to Cont.  So far I have caught it every time, but its going to cost me some work and a cutter sooner or later.  The mouse pointer is clearly NOT on the <Jog Mode> button and is clearly and fully on the <Jog Cycle Step> button when it happens.  It is a repeatable problem.  I have carefully made sure that the pointer is at the top right corner of the <Cycle Jog Step> button and still had it happen.

A little more testing shows it happens pretty consistently when it is showing the 4th decimal place precision.  The ten thousandths position.  Instead of advancing to the 1s position it changes from Step to Continuous. The next click then advances the step increment to the 1s position as it should.  

Weird.  I have copied a screen set from another machine to make sure its not a buggy screen set.  I have adjusted the mouse settings in Windows to make sure that's not the problem.  Suggestions?  Reinstall Mach?  Copy XML file from the other identical (more or less) machine I have? 

Re: Jog Mod Change from Increment Change
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2016, 07:34:04 PM »
I figured it out.  Another problem with the machine setup XML file.  On the general config screen where it allows you to set the jog increments there are two lists. In the top position of the second list the value 999 was entered where one would expect a 1.  Apparently that excess step increment puts the machine in continuous mode.  What got me is the second machine is setup the same way.  Since I haven't actually run jobs on the second machine while I am going thru it I had not noticed the problem was duplicated. 

Sigh!  Teach me not to trust somebody else's setup file.