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Author Topic: Maxnc Cl15 spindle motor settings  (Read 2610 times)

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Maxnc Cl15 spindle motor settings
« on: September 02, 2016, 03:00:09 PM »
I have an older Maxnc Cl15 (2003??) that hasn't been used for a while but was working. Now in firing it up, it will home, but the spindle motor can't be toggled on and off. When Mach3 initializes and has been reset
the motor comes on once on a manual toggle command but, when turned off, can not be restarted without closing Mach3 and re initializing. The dwell light blinks once on each mouse toggle click.

Maxcl mode is checked on the ports and pins screen.

I've started from scratch with a fresh reload of the Maxnc xml but it doesn't seem to help

I'm a little overwhemled by pinouts and such. Any help most appreciated in getting the controller/spindle to obey......

Thank you