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Author Topic: 3d milling / 5 axis Mach4  (Read 940 times)

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3d milling / 5 axis Mach4
« on: August 19, 2016, 01:13:14 PM »

I'm new to the CNC world, I have a small setup already build around a ESS motion controller.
2 25LPT breakoutboards + 5 TB6560AHQ drivers + 5 small 1amp stepper motors. It's just a basic setup running on Mach4 Hobby (demo).

I've tried a 3 axis setup wich works just fine.
The 5 axis setup I'm trying to setup wold be for 3d milling for a head/head milling machine wich should support 5 axis simulteneous milling. I modeled a 3d basic shape in rhino and generated a Gcode wich included all the 5 axis XYZ-BC, All the 5 motors are working simultaneously and on the toolpath screen in Mach4 it shows the milling path progress, but being new to Mach4 and the whole subject I'm not shure if it's actually a 3d milling process working right.
How can I know if it's right?
This might be dumb questions for the rest of the forum but it's still a lot of fog of war for me at this time.

All well!