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Author Topic: help required on stepper motor drives, controller, BOB etc. Mill conversion  (Read 1600 times)

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Hi all,
Quick question(s)
I'm gonna convert a smallish vertical mill I have (AEW Viceroy Horizon) to Mach 3 control. I am NOT an electrician, so help would be gratefully received  ;D! first off, I have converted an Orac to Mach 3 which I am very pleased with, now I want to convert the manual mill to Mach3.
I have the ball screws 32mm diameter, these need machining to suit and I have some steppers to control the axis, the steppers are MAE HY200-4266-34 A8, 200 steps/rev, 4 steps, 3.4a/phase. I believe these are still available, there is a catalogue listing these online,  I have drives, but cant find anything on them except Harting 09 04 032/692/1 which I think are just the multi pin connectors for the drives.
So, if I cant understand the drives, what drives shall I use? the motors are hybrid steppers with 8 wires and can be wired uni-polar, bi-polar parallel or bi-polar series.
The Orac has 2 printer ports to the PC, shall I use the same set up, or would anyone recommend an alternative?
thank you for taking the time to read my post, any help of course would be gratefully received!
Best Regards,
I have used Vexta 5 phase steppers which require their own special drivers.

A number of highly respected CNCers on this forum recommend Geko drives.

I personally use 2 parallel ports and has proven to be more than adequate. I would
suggest you start that way and later if demand exists and budget allows migrate
to an eternal motion controller. Your familiarity with an existing machine will
lower the learning curve.

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