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Another Jukebox.

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I don’t know why but I seem to have developed an obsession with Jukeboxes (a second childhood perhaps ?). I already have a 100 selection vinyl, a 2000+ selection CD and a 10,000+ selection all electronic type but I just can’t help myself and have started to build yet another.
This one will be housed in a wall-hanging cabinet constructed of 18mm and 22mm birch ply and before it is all finally glued together I have started CNC routing all the various cut-outs. The front door (housing a touch screen) opens on three concealed cabinet hinges and it took a couple of practice runs to get the hinge positional cut-outs just right. It will contain a small 3+1 amplifier and speakers but will also have an output to a power amp (if required). I have just completed some of the speaker grills which were cut from aluminium faced traffolyte (engraving laminate) and thought I should post a couple of pictures as the project progressed.



--- Quote --- I seem to have developed an obsession with Jukeboxes
--- End quote ---

You suffering from DSYLTD and is a common temporary mental illness.
There is no treatment for it, only time will cure it according to studies done.
Just carry on and eventualy you will run out of desire, room, or material.

BTW, nice box, ;D


DSYLTD Medical description:
Doing Something You Like To Do

 ;D ;D ;D


Just one other thing Tweakie you should be aware of..........

If retired, the medical description is clarified by " and the person doing it Need Not Justify It...... OR.......  make sense of it to anybody".  :D


And you should also understand that it's important to distinguish how the illness affects men or women.

A man can make and play with an empty box and be fascinated by it.
A women will be obsessed with putting stuff  in the empty box.

So it's nature, it's a just a Venus and Mars kind of thing, and must be accepted.  ;)



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