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Author Topic: PMDX-416 SmartBOB-OptoUSB announce  (Read 4276 times)

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PMDX-416 SmartBOB-OptoUSB announce
« on: July 06, 2016, 11:26:00 AM »
The new PMDX-416 SmartBOB-OptoUSB motion controller for Mach4 is now shipping.

For details see: http://www.pmdx.com/PMDX-416

This new controller offers a simple, low cost way to create a Mach4
machine controller.

It is the slightly bigger brother to the just announced PMDX-412 and
adds the following additional features:

Opto-isolation of the input signals.

Support for an encoder to allow an MPG, spindle speed reporting, or
lathe threading (in a future plugin release).

One 10 ampere SPDT relay.

It also shares the following features with the PMDX-412:

It provides the controller, pulse engine, breakout board, and plug-in terminal
strips. External breakout boards or terminal strips are not needed.

Powered from the USB port, no external power supply is needed.

It can self mount directly to the wall of your control enclosure and includes
a dress panel for the outside of the enclosure.

The I/O available is equivalent to one parallel port and includes 4 axis step
and direction outputs, 4 logic level output signals, and 5 input signals including
the E-Stop function.

The output signals can be used with our PMDX-104 relay board or with
solid state relays.

The inputs accept mechanical switches, NPN sensors, or 5 volt logic signals.

PNP sensors can be used by adding our PMDX-105 board.

VFD spindle inverters can be controlled by adding our PMDX-407 board.

Stay tuned for more SmartBOB products in the future.

Steve Stallings
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Steve Stallings
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