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« on: July 01, 2016, 06:14:10 PM »
Is the machine.ini connected to the screenset in anyway other than defining what screenset to load? What I attempted todo in order to save myself some effort once again
was to copy the working .ini file from a profile into a newly created profile which uses wxrouter.. When I do this, I notice there are some color changes?? where there should not be. As well
upon exit I can an error msg as shown here


This is due to wxrouter storing values in the machine.ini. I eventually found these values and copied them over. This is not very unhandy.. wxrouter should have it's own ini to store values in and not store them in the machine definitions. doing this causes it to be highly unportable and makes updating a frustrating process as you need to copy machine settings down on paper and then re-write your machine.ini.

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Re: machine.ini
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The Tframe var is a part of the Touch button and screen unload script, it is implemented in all the latest profiles so perhaps the machine.ini is from a version that did not originally have this implemented.

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