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P2-S Pendant
« on: June 24, 2016, 07:55:00 PM »
I have the P2-S pendant built by vistaCNC, and find it to be a superb unit. Once you use it, and begin to take advantage of it's functions it will amaze you with it's versatility.

All of the functions have been well though out. When setting up your machine with a new job, it makes everything much easier. It is in the initial set-up that one makes lots of little approach moves. It has a Step/Jog setting that moves in increments of your step setting. Holding down the function button, under your thumb if holding in your left hand, and rotating the big dial, it shows the step setting on the LED screen, and turning the dial changes the step. Let your thumb off the button, and the screen goes back to jog function, and shows the axis dimension; and turning the dial now jogs with your new step setting. 

Rotate the selection knob from the step/jog position, to the target/home symbol, and click the button under your thumb twice, and it sets you axis HOME. Rotate the selection knob back to the Velocity position, next to the step/jog position, and you are not in a jog function that moves as fast as you turn the dial.

This makes setting up a job, or jogging to a different location fast and smooth.

Another nice feature is the OFF/SCR left knob position. At this position, the pendant cannot jog or accidentally move the machine
while you are running a job.

The right knob is axis selection, start/stop funcion, spindle start/stop. Very convenient. It also has an emergency stop button on the right side of the unit.

This unit is like having a super button panel, in a tiny package you can hold in your hand. The LED shows axis position as you change the axis selection. You can also slow the feedrate as the job is running.

This is one impressive unit.