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Looking for help!
« on: May 24, 2016, 09:47:23 PM »
I everyone. I'm new in this page, I hope that someone can help me.

I'm building a CNC plasma table by myself and barely I know the concepts.
At this time I already have the hardware built but with some issues.

This is the list of the CNC parts:

-Mach3 software
-(1) breakout board via parallel port (attached image)
-(3) M542H microstep driver
-(4) Nema 23 stepper motors
-(3) 36v DC power supply
-(1) 5 and 12v DC power supply

The BOB is powered by USB cable, when I connect it with 12v goes crazy.
When the machine turned on some times work fine sometimes only works in one direction.

This is the list of issues that I have:
(1) Could someone tell me if the wiring diagram is correct? (PDF attached file).

(2) I need to configure the settings of microstep drivers (attached image), because in the Y and Z axis I have one nema 23 stepper motor each axis and X axis two nema 23 stepper motor. I think the settings for two motors must to be different. Also, I don't know how to set the step/rev, amperage and all this info to make the settings.

(3) The BOB that I have (attached image) it has been running erratically, sometimes work fine and one a few minutes later works only in one direction, Could someone tell me if the BOB is correct? or a model to recomend?

(4) to connect the trigger of the plasma cutter, in this case, need to configure  the pin #17, it works now, but someone have a wiring diagram to make it easily?

Thanks for advance