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Author Topic: Lazycam to Mach3 - Simple dxF in, unexpected tool path out! I may be on crack!  (Read 3332 times)

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Hello, i am new as you may expect.  i am attempting to use the mach3 on a maxnc.  I used to use the dos based software that came with the maxnc to convert dxf to gcode.  now i am trying to use the mach3 as the controller for the maxnc and use the lazycam to convert dxf to gcode.

i have a very simple dxf file i was learning to use with these new programs.   it seems to import correct in lazycam and then even load into mach3.  the graphic of the tool paths looks okay.  but once i start, the drawn tool path goes off and makes these large circiles!  the circiles extend past my work area and dont make any sense to what i am trying to fabricate..

I am sure its me not undertanding something...  i can provide my dxf files if someone wants to try this and see...

Thanks again for any help!

You may be on crack, or wrong IJ mode. In mach 2 this may be sorted by toggling the IJ mode in config.
Apologies if it don't apply to mach3. Must upgrade.