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Author Topic: Need Help wiring C11 to Sunfar e300 VCD to control my Spindle.  (Read 2653 times)

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~Fellow Community Members,

I could use a hand from anyone who has successfully wired a C11 Board to a Sunfar e300 VCD Inverter

Specifically I have this one


and it's controlling


I have successfully wired the spindle to the VCD, I know this because when I put it into "Control by Keypad" mode it works perfectly.

However, I have not been able to wire the C11 to the VCD correctly.  I can get the Spindle to engage via the board, but no speed or direction control.

If anyone has successfully wired this I would LOVE to get either a diagram or a picture of how you did it, (or merely a conversation would be a great assist ?)

Also I'm not positive I've got my Mach3 setup to send the right outputs.

What I am trying to achieve is get speed and direction control.

Thanks very much in advance.  

David Hunt

Re: Need Help wiring C11 to Sunfar e300 VCD to control my Spindle.
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I really could have used this information, but no close out post was put up.  So I hope someone else can benefit from my learning.

I bought an unfinished CNC router project off craigslist, so it is a Frankenstein.

It came with a Sunfar e300 VFD,  and a C10 breakout board.  The C10 breakout board seemed to drive the x,y,z and a axes ok. So the least expensive path forward was to buy the c41 pwm variable speed control board from cnc4pc.com.

cnc4pc didn't have an example setup for the sunfar e300, the closest example was http://cnc4pc.com/Tech_Docs/C10-C41%20AND%20HUANYANG.pdf.  Between watching Scott Clifford's youtube video on the Sunfar e550 and reading between the lines of the e300 and c41 manual. I got it to work.  The e550 has a couple more control connections and isn't one for one the same.

Important notes:

* the sunfar creates a 10 VDC reference the needs to be connected to the C41 in addition to the 0-10V signal/ground pair.

* the signal ground is the CM terminal

* all the signal grounds for: 0-10V, 10 VDC power, relay 1 signal and relay 2 signal get tied together

* the C41 board needs to have the relay jumpers set up for "US" mode

* Relay 1 "N/O" connects to the FWD

* Relay 2  "N/O" connects to X1

*mach3 software is set up per the cnc4pc document

Sunfar parameters which needed setting  (I have a 1.5 kw 3phase motor, 400 HZ and 220V)

f0.0: 1
f0.2: 1001
f0.3: 116
f0.4: 400
f0.12: 400
f0.13: 220
f1.7: 11
f1.8: 0
f1.9: 0

Needless to say, getting the spindle to run using the panel control on the Sunfar first, is a good idea.  Then moving on to setting up things as mentioned above.

Looking at signal levels using a voltmeter was useful to figure out what was going on.

Best Regards,