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Author Topic: What is the correct way to do "Manual tool change" when there isnot a M6 in prog  (Read 1108 times)

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If there is not a "M6" in program, and when the program is running, you want pause and Manual tool change.
What is the correct way to do this "Manual tool change"?
I tried to do in the following order, but is it correct?

(ALL is in default Mach3 screenset : 1024, Program Run page)
1) when the program is running, I Click "FEED HOLD"
2) Click "STOP" (I tried , if do not click"stop", then the "Return" button cannot work)
3) Click "Remember"
4) Jog to a tool change position....  tool change finished... go on
5) Click "Return"
6) Click "Cycle start"

Is this way correct? looks not smart.... :-[

Especially in setp 2), I must click "STOP", otherwise the "Return" botton in step 5) cannot work (No response and cannot cycle start again)

Is the correct usage of oem button "Remember" and "Return"?