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Toolpath generated out of limits
« on: March 09, 2016, 12:07:19 PM »
Hi there, I'm using mach3 for some time now on my 3axis homemade machine, everything works great.

Now I'm really starting to get my 4th axis to use, I'd used it already but only for holding pieces, make an operation then rotate it and do operations on other angle just that simple stuff (indexial operations I think t's how is called). I'm I've been working on a 4 axis post processor for SolidCam with a friend and I've been testing gcodes for that purpose. For seeing the 4 axis gcode I had to enable A rotations on config>toolpath.

Here's the problem, when I enable that the toolpath get's out of the machine limits on the toolpath window. If I disable that option it appears where it's suppose too...

Let me clarify, I home my machine, than I'll set the tool position where I want the zero. The crosshair  is in some position inside the machine limits. Everything good until here. Now when I load the gcode, if I have the A Rotations option disabled the toolpah appears where it should but not showing the rotations (obviously), if I enable the A rotations the toolpath gets the correct shape but out of the limits, in fact not out of limit's but also the toolpath appears zeroed at the Home position... I'll attach some pics.

do you guys have any idea how to solve this?

I'll attach my machine XML, the gcode, and the pics.

BTW. this happen with any GCode I load using 4 axis.

A Rotations Disabled

A Rotations Enabled

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Re: Toolpath generated out of limits
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2016, 07:00:41 PM »
Hi ,
I have not used 4 axis so I can't help. May I ask how you code A axis movement. The simplest method I've read about is where
you code A as a linear axis, so G1 A100 causes 100mm 'movement' of A stepper which with gearing etc may amount to 35 degrees
rotation say. A move G1 A1000 means a rotation of 350 degrees, easy. But what happens if your soft limits are set to 500mm. Would
then Mach3 warn you that your movement is out of bounds?
Clearly a rotational axis cannot go out of bounds in the same way you can drive a linear axis off its stops.

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Re: Toolpath generated out of limits
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2016, 07:08:02 PM »
Hi craig, well mach has a setting of define A as angular, and that's what I have for this, limit's of that angular are way over where I'm using the part, like I'm using A between 360 or -360 and the limit's are -10000 and +10000. and the kicker is that the machine runs without any limit warnings what so ever just the toolpath is show out of position, or should I say, the toolpath is generated zeroed at the home instead of DRO zero... Don't know if I'm making myself clear.

thanks for answering BTW

best regards