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Lazyturn Problems
« on: March 09, 2016, 08:11:56 AM »
Hi all

I am using Lazyturn for my SEIG C6 CNC lathe

Everything is working fine, and i can get the machine to run accurately, however when the machine goes to run the finishing path is cuts to far into the profile.

It is as if it is getting Radius and Diameter mode mixed. I have tried different combinations of radius and diameter mode but the same problem exist

also when I run in Radius mode, the rough and fine paths match up but the first pass takes a huge chuck out of the material. ( at the minute im using dowel to test, if id run metal it would have been a disaster )

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as im fresh out of ideas.


In the machine control software G8 and G7 are not supported commands


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Re: Lazyturn Problems
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2016, 06:52:20 AM »
Post the DXF and Gcode file and I will have a look.

NOTE: Always be consistent in how the drawing, LT mode and Mach Lathe mode is done , never mix them.

You can test the tool  location to the profile and also simulate the cutting for a pass. You would see if the tool is cutting to deep into the stock or gouging.

Re: Lazyturn Problems
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2016, 07:16:29 AM »
Hi Rich

Many thanks, This should be a simple thing but it has my head in a spin ( excuse the pun !!! ) I made a slight error in my original posy it is a sieg kc6s lathe

Here is the GCODE from Lazyturn

( LazyTurn Alpha 1.1 )
(Thursday, March 10, 2016 )
none set                                               

 (--------------ToolPath 1 of 2 )

(Change to Tool: UnNamed   -R0.0100-IC6.0000 )
S3000 F500.00 M3
G1 F1000.0000  X17.9500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.7466 
G0  X17.7500 
G1 F1000.0000  X17.5500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.7466 
G0  X17.5500 
G1 F1000.0000  X17.3500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.7466 
G0  X17.3500 
G1 F1000.0000  X17.1500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.7466 
G0  X17.1500 
G1 F1000.0000  X16.9500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.7466 
G0  X16.9500 
G1 F1000.0000  X16.7500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.7466 
G0  X16.7500 
G1 F1000.0000  X16.5500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.7466 
G0  X16.5500 
G1 F1000.0000  X16.3500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.7466 
G0  X16.3500 
G1 F1000.0000  X16.1500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.7466 
G0  X16.1500 
G1 F1000.0000  X15.9500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.7466 
G0  X15.9500 
G1 F1000.0000  X15.7500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.7466 
G0  X15.7500 
G1 F1000.0000  X15.5500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.7466 
G0  X15.5500 
G1 F1000.0000  X15.3500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.7466 
G0  X15.3500 
G1 F1000.0000  X15.1500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.7466 
G0  X15.1500 
G1 F1000.0000  X14.9500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.7466 
G0  X14.9500 
G1 F1000.0000  X14.7500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.7466 
G0  X14.7500 
G1 F1000.0000  X14.5500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.7466 
G0  X14.5500 
G1 F1000.0000  X14.3500 
 F500.0000  Z-23.4626 
G0  X14.3500 
G1 F1000.0000  X14.1500 
 F500.0000  Z-22.6711 
G0  X14.1500 
G1 F1000.0000  X13.9500 
 F500.0000  Z-21.8795 
G0  X13.9500 
G1 F1000.0000  X13.7500 
 F500.0000  Z-21.0880 
G0  X13.7500 
G1 F1000.0000  X13.5500 
 F500.0000  Z-20.2964 
G0  X13.5500 
G1 F1000.0000  X13.3500 
 F500.0000  Z-19.5049 
G0  X13.3500 
G1 F1000.0000  X13.1500 
 F500.0000  Z-18.7133 
G0  X13.1500 
G1 F1000.0000  X12.9500 
 F500.0000  Z-17.9218 
G0  X12.9500 
G1 F1000.0000  X12.7500 
 F500.0000  Z-17.1302 
G0  X12.7500 
G1 F1000.0000  X12.5500 
 F500.0000  Z-16.3387 
G0  X12.5500 
G1 F1000.0000  X12.3500 
 F500.0000  Z-15.5471 
G0  X12.3500 
G1 F1000.0000  X12.1500 
 F500.0000  Z-14.7555 
G0  X12.1500 
G1 F1000.0000  X11.9500 
 F500.0000  Z-13.9640 
G0  X11.9500 
G1 F1000.0000  X11.7500 
 F500.0000  Z-13.1724 
G0  X11.7500 
G1 F1000.0000  X11.5500 
 F500.0000  Z-12.3809 
G0  X11.5500 
G1 F1000.0000  X11.3500 
 F500.0000  Z-11.5893 
G0  X11.3500 
G1 F1000.0000  X11.1500 
 F500.0000  Z-10.7978 
G0  X11.1500 
G1 F1000.0000  X10.9500 
 F500.0000  Z-10.0062 
G0  X10.9500 
G1 F1000.0000  X10.7500 
 F500.0000  Z-9.2147 
G0  X10.7500 
G1 F1000.0000  X10.5500 
 F500.0000  Z-8.4231 
G0  X10.5500 
G1 F1000.0000  X10.3500 
 F500.0000  Z-7.6316 
G0  X10.3500 
G1 F1000.0000  X10.1500 
 F500.0000  Z-6.8400 
G0  X10.1500 
G1 F1000.0000  X9.9500 
 F500.0000  Z-6.0485 
G0  X9.9500 
G1 F1000.0000  X9.7500 
 F500.0000  Z-5.2569 
G0  X9.7500 
G1 F1000.0000  X9.5500 
 F500.0000  Z-4.4654 
G0  X9.5500 
G1 F1000.0000  X9.3500 
 F500.0000  Z-3.6738 
G0  X9.3500 
G1 F1000.0000  X9.1500 
 F500.0000  Z-2.8822 
G0  X9.1500 
G1 F1000.0000  X8.9500 
 F500.0000  Z-2.0907 
G0  X8.9500 
G1 F1000.0000  X8.7500 
 F500.0000  Z-1.2991 
G0  X8.7500 
G1 F1000.0000  X8.5500 
 F500.0000  Z-0.5076 
G0  X8.5500 
 (--------------ToolPath 2 of 2 )

 (-------------- Fine Path -----------------)
(Change to Tool: UnNamed   -R0.0100-IC6.0000 )
S3000 F500.00 M3
G0 X8.9750
G0 Z0.1100
G1 Z0.1100 X4.1066
  Z-0.2660 X4.2453
  Z-23.6357 X7.1977
  Z-23.7466 X7.1035
G0 X7.2977
G1 Z0.1100 X4.0000
  Z-0.2898 X4.1475
  Z-23.6045 X7.0929
  Z-23.7466 X6.9723
  Z-23.7466 X6.9723
G0 X8.9750
(--------------End of Finish path-----------)
(-------  End of File -------)

 Sorry i cant seem to post the dxf. however it is a very simple taper. Tapering from 8 - 14 over  23.75 mm length

Many thanks  for your help Rich , can you suggest another type of free program that would perform this operation ??


Here is the dxf, drawn in Solidworks

Re: Lazyturn Problems
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2016, 08:46:07 AM »
Ahhhh, free, simple lathe cam that works; the holy grail.  I couldn't find one either.

If it's a simple taper, will the wizard that comes with Mach3 Turn work?  I've used it and it works well.
Milton from Tennessee ya'll.

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Re: Lazyturn Problems
« Reply #4 on: March 11, 2016, 07:31:51 AM »
Attached is a version 12 DXF backplot of the code you posted.
- RED are the pullouts / rapids
- BLUE are the machining at feedrate
- MAGENTA is a 8x14 x 23.75 long taper starting at 0,0,0

Looks like the rough is in diameter and the finish is radius mode??

I really need a Version 12 DXF of YOUR drawing of the taper.

There should be no problem doing this in Lazyturn and you could always use one of the wizards as they also work.

Note that you should see the pathing in simulation and see that thepathing is not correct. There is a manual for LazyTurn.