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The CNC workshop 2016
« on: March 02, 2016, 12:15:08 PM »
Plans are  underway for the next CNC workshop, to again be at the TechShop in Allen Park Michigan, June 6-11. Everything about the  facility seemed to work well last year, and we now have our website under control. It is time to start planning the sessions. The website is up and some basic  see TheCNCworkshop.com

Last year when I dropped in on several session it seemed like things were just getting warmed up and the time was up. This year I want to try a slightly different format. On Wednesday and Thursday we will have a few, but very intense sessions. I hope to have up to 3 sessions each day, of a full day duration. We will encourage attendees to bring laptops so they can follow along with the instruction.

I need at least 5 or 6 full day sessions. I could do a couple half day session if that works for some speakers. I hope to have some of the following topics:

Fusion 360 (CAD by Autodesk)

I am open to any other related topics anyone is willing to present.

On Friday we will have more, shorter sessions, probably the schedule we followed last year. I hope to get several user experience talks.

The vendor program will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Saturday will also feature a swap meet, and will be open to the general public. I do not plan any seminars on Saturday.

We will be having build classes on Monday and Tuesday, a Lathe, a 3D printer and a router. Details are still being worked on the build classes, but I hope they can have all day sessions on learning to use the machines on Wednesday.

I cannot offer pay for the sessions, but speakers for all day sessions will be given complimentary admission to the entire event.

Let me  know if you are interested in leading any of these sessions.


ron ginger