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Clamp squaring
« on: February 29, 2016, 07:12:22 PM »
Hey guys I posted this on are old VB thread but I had no body look at it so maybe its just to outdated.

I was working on this the other night and I got it. It works on machine!!! YAY!! This is used for me to square one of my clamps on my table, I don't have any of my clamps keyed so I have to dial them in straight every time I take them off. But my goal with this is to measure my most positive side then my most negative side and try and get them to zero out but with a probe not a dial indicator. That way, I tell it how wide to test and it'll touch, back off, move over, touch, back off,  retract Z and tell me the values. I can then tap my clamp left or right and just click the yes or no when the "Is fixture is squared?" question pops to run it again and again till I have it zeroed. Lol beats manually moving it left then forward by .0001 increments then zeroing then going to the other side and repeating 5 times. Now I just sit back and smack with a mallet. WooHoo

If anyone can benefit from this feel free to use them! ;D