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Author Topic: New install, Mach3 hangs on closing Ports & Pins  (Read 2636 times)

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New install, Mach3 hangs on closing Ports & Pins
« on: February 19, 2016, 11:06:22 AM »
Hi all,

I initially posted this under Mach and Vista, so forgive the double post...

This is a new installation of Mach 3 on an HP Pavilion (athlon 64x2 @ 3800, 3 gig memory). I'm running a completely clean install of Windows 7 64 bit, nothing else installed on the machine but Firefox, Adobe Reader, and Mach3. It's connected directly to an ESS card, and the card is connected to a 5v power supply and nothing else. The machine has only 1 network adaptor, and it's running to the ESS, so no connection to the internet or any other network.

There are a couple issues, perhaps related, perhaps not, I'll just describe the symptoms...

If I power cycle the ESS, then start Mach, it will establish communications, the indicator lights on the ESS will light up appropriately (per the Warp9 documentation). I get the ESTOP Not Assigned to a Ethernet SmoothStepper Input error pop up, so I hit OK. I can then click the RESET, open the virtual MPG and jog the axes, and the DRO responds fine. Then if I open Config, to look at the Ports and Pins, or whatever, upon closing Config Mach3 hangs up and I eventually get the MACH3 APPLICATION IS NOT RESPONDING pop up. Every time.

If I don't power cycle the ESS, and then start Mach, it will not connect and I get the CTftp:: WakeUpClient Board Does Not respond pop up. The port is configured to, so I hit YES to retry and nothing. At that point if I click CANCEL it goes to the standard Mach3 Program Run screen, but I cannot jog the axes with the virtual MPG (after clicking the RESET button. Ports & Pins / Motor Outputs show Axes X, Y and Z are enabled (green check), and I can close out the Ports and Pins window without Mach hanging up again. At that point on the ESS, the upper right LED is on steady, the yellow light on the RJ45 socket is lit steady and the green LED on the socket is flashing steady at about 3x per second.

I'm attaching my Plasma.xml file just in case that's of any help, the mill and turn profiles behave similarly.

Mach version is R3.043.062
Driver version is: ESS_v10r2d1d
Network configured by SCU v1.1.0.1

Any help would be appreciated!
Re: New install, Mach3 hangs on closing Ports & Pins
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2016, 11:26:43 AM »
I will tell you this, that anytime mach3 stops responding the ESS and the computer need to be shut down and restarted.

The ESS has to always be on before turning on mach 3.  It will never work the other way around.

Go into the mach3 folder and find the mach3 install exe and re-run it.  When you reinstall mach, make sure that the printer port drivers is unchecked. and reinstall. 

See if that solved it.
Re: New install, Mach3 hangs on closing Ports & Pins
« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2016, 11:29:49 AM »
your xml opens fine on my machine.  Granted I do not have an ESS installed, rather a UC300 on this machine. The only thing enabled in your file are the 3 axis.