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Cyber-NC and Mach3
« on: January 29, 2016, 12:06:03 PM »
Hello all!
   This is my fist post, so bear with me. I have purchased an old CNC machine, later to find out it was a Cyber-NC brand, found etched in on the breakout board. I went to the www site it had on it with no luck. I have a 32 bit computer running XP professional, and what I need is for someone who has this same CNC, to show me all the settings they have in screenshots so I can get mine back running. I have read and read the Mach 3 manual, and I do have the limit switches and E-Stop button working via automated setup of inputs. I also went to control panel, looked at the I/O addressing and set the second one to 778, not 278 as the manual shows.

I know very little about this machine, other than what I have researched on the net. I think it has Gecko drivers, and the motors are 8 wires, and 2 pairs are soldered together making  a 4 wire system to the board box. I have shielded wired throughout, I have some movement in the motors but something is not right. The movement is not smooth like I have seen in other CNC systems. I did use the "set steps per unit" button on the settings page, and during the movement, it started slow, chattered a bit, moved some, chattered then stopped. I have the steps at 8000 per instructions. The movement is what bothers me still.  Oh and the jog button seems to not work as well, very slow if at all.

So what I am asking is a lot, I need screenshots of every Mach 3 that you use to set your Cyber-NC machine up. And if you have any info on this machine I should could use it as well.

And I am up to upgrading to Mach 4 if need be. I would need the same screenshots to get my CNC going.

Thanks so much in advance!

P.S. I have contacted Artsoft, with not much help. I think I need a guy named Tom to help me, as I saw on another forum helped a guy with my same setup. And I will try to contact him now..
Re: Cyber-NC and Mach3
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2016, 12:42:06 PM »
Oh, all I need is the .XML file by the way, that should do it...

Thanks !!