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Program Run Screen Tool #
« on: December 11, 2015, 06:44:48 PM »
Hello, On my Mach3 Program run screen I used to be able to put A tool number in the Tool Information Tool DRO and have it give me the tool information.  But for some reason now I cannot put any number in the space.  I have to go to the MIDI screen and type M6 T4 for ex. to get the information.  I did some messing around trying to make a Old tool in spindle DRO at one point and then got rid of what I did.  I',m not sure if that's where I went wrong or not but now I would like to fix it back but don't know how.  Any help would be nice.



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Re: Program Run Screen Tool #
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2015, 02:36:17 AM »
I think it's almost impossible to guess at what you may have done so perhaps the best solution is the reload the screen .set file (standard screen is 1024.set).

If you don't want to re-install Mach3 then - If you have a spare PC install Mach3 on that, then copy the 1024.set (or whatever screen set you are using) file and transfer it to your machine PC. (Please be aware that your scripts for any added buttons are stored in the screen set file).

Re: Program Run Screen Tool #
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2015, 12:54:17 PM »
Tweakie, so I can load the original 1024 set and that should fix the problem?  If need be I could re-install mach3 I guess but I will have to redo everything I have done.  if that be the case I will take pics of all the screens for ports and pins and such.



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Re: Program Run Screen Tool #
« Reply #3 on: December 12, 2015, 02:26:56 PM »
It would be much easier IF someone just sent you a copy of the 1024.set file and you simply copied it to the Mach3 directory.

Just a thought, (;-) TP
Re: Program Run Screen Tool #
« Reply #4 on: December 12, 2015, 03:14:16 PM »
well I thought about that but I just deleted  mach3 and starting all over again.  I copied my xml to a flash drive and other data.  I took screen shots of everything before I started over.  I need to get good at this anyways for future problems.  I don't know how I messed it up but I will be more careful in the future!

Thanks for the help guys.