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Oval pocket
« on: May 09, 2007, 08:01:37 PM »
How do you make a 6.125" x 4.125" oval pocket in Mach 3?

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Re: Oval pocket
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2007, 03:00:58 AM »
Like this, this one cuts on the out side.

O0001 (6.125X4.125 OVAL)

G20 G40 G80 G17

G00 G90 G43 X4.21 Y-0.23
T1 M6
S4500 M3
G01 Z-0.25 F9.
G42 P.125 X3.578 Y-0.5 F18. (.250 cutter)
G02 X3.063 Y0. R0.5
G03 X3.062 Y0.036 R1.389
X3.061 Y0.072 R1.391
X3.058 Y0.108 R1.393
X3.055 Y0.144 R1.399
X3.051 Y0.18 R1.403
X3.046 Y0.216 R1.413
X3.04 Y0.251 R1.42
X3.033 Y0.287 R1.434
X3.025 Y0.323 R1.442
X3.016 Y0.358 R1.46
X3.006 Y0.393 R1.47
X2.996 Y0.429 R1.493
X2.984 Y0.464 R1.505
X2.972 Y0.499 R1.531
X2.958 Y0.534 R1.546
X2.944 Y0.569 R1.576
X2.929 Y0.603 R1.592
X2.913 Y0.637 R1.626
X2.896 Y0.671 R1.645
X2.878 Y0.705 R1.683
X2.859 Y0.739 R1.703
X2.84 Y0.773 R1.745
X2.819 Y0.806 R1.767
X2.798 Y0.839 R1.812
X2.776 Y0.872 R1.836
X2.753 Y0.904 R1.886
X2.729 Y0.936 R1.911
X2.704 Y0.968 R1.964
X2.679 Y1. R1.991
X2.652 Y1.031 R2.047
X2.625 Y1.062 R2.076
X2.597 Y1.093 R2.135
X2.569 Y1.123 R2.166
X2.539 Y1.153 R2.228
X2.509 Y1.183 R2.26
X2.478 Y1.212 R2.325
X2.446 Y1.241 R2.358
X2.413 Y1.27 R2.425
X2.38 Y1.298 R2.459
X2.346 Y1.326 R2.529
X2.311 Y1.353 R2.564
X2.276 Y1.38 R2.635
X2.24 Y1.407 R2.671
X2.203 Y1.433 R2.744
X2.166 Y1.458 R2.781
X2.127 Y1.484 R2.855
X2.089 Y1.508 R2.892
X2.049 Y1.533 R2.966
X2.009 Y1.557 R3.004
X1.969 Y1.58 R3.079
X1.927 Y1.603 R3.117
X1.885 Y1.625 R3.192
X1.843 Y1.647 R3.229
X1.8 Y1.669 R3.304
X1.757 Y1.689 R3.341
X1.713 Y1.71 R3.415
X1.668 Y1.73 R3.451
X1.623 Y1.749 R3.524
X1.577 Y1.768 R3.56
X1.531 Y1.786 R3.631
X1.485 Y1.804 R3.666
X1.438 Y1.821 R3.734
X1.39 Y1.838 R3.768
X1.343 Y1.854 R3.834
X1.294 Y1.869 R3.866
X1.246 Y1.884 R3.93
X1.197 Y1.899 R3.96
X1.147 Y1.912 R4.02
X1.098 Y1.925 R4.049
X1.047 Y1.938 R4.105
X0.997 Y1.95 R4.132
X0.946 Y1.962 R4.184
X0.895 Y1.972 R4.209
X0.844 Y1.983 R4.256
X0.793 Y1.992 R4.278
X0.741 Y2.001 R4.321
X0.689 Y2.01 R4.341
X0.637 Y2.017 R4.378
X0.584 Y2.025 R4.396
X0.532 Y2.031 R4.428
X0.479 Y2.037 R4.443
X0.426 Y2.042 R4.469
X0.373 Y2.047 R4.481
X0.32 Y2.051 R4.502
X0.267 Y2.055 R4.511
X0.214 Y2.057 R4.526
X0.16 Y2.06 R4.532
X0.107 Y2.061 R4.541
X0.053 Y2.062 R4.544
X-0.053 R4.547
X-0.107 Y2.061 R4.544
X-0.16 Y2.06 R4.541
X-0.214 Y2.057 R4.532
X-0.267 Y2.055 R4.526
X-0.32 Y2.051 R4.511
X-0.373 Y2.047 R4.502
X-0.426 Y2.042 R4.481
X-0.479 Y2.037 R4.469
X-0.532 Y2.031 R4.443
X-0.584 Y2.025 R4.428
X-0.637 Y2.017 R4.396
X-0.689 Y2.01 R4.378
X-0.741 Y2.001 R4.341
X-0.793 Y1.992 R4.321
X-0.844 Y1.983 R4.278
X-0.895 Y1.972 R4.256
X-0.946 Y1.962 R4.209
X-0.997 Y1.95 R4.184
X-1.047 Y1.938 R4.132
X-1.098 Y1.925 R4.105
X-1.147 Y1.912 R4.049
X-1.197 Y1.899 R4.02
X-1.246 Y1.884 R3.96
X-1.294 Y1.869 R3.93
X-1.343 Y1.854 R3.866
X-1.39 Y1.838 R3.834
X-1.438 Y1.821 R3.768
X-1.485 Y1.804 R3.734
X-1.531 Y1.786 R3.666
X-1.577 Y1.768 R3.631
X-1.623 Y1.749 R3.56
X-1.668 Y1.73 R3.524
X-1.713 Y1.71 R3.451
X-1.757 Y1.689 R3.415
X-1.8 Y1.669 R3.341
X-1.843 Y1.647 R3.304
X-1.885 Y1.625 R3.229
X-1.927 Y1.603 R3.192
X-1.969 Y1.58 R3.117
X-2.009 Y1.557 R3.079
X-2.049 Y1.533 R3.004
X-2.089 Y1.508 R2.966
X-2.127 Y1.484 R2.892
X-2.166 Y1.458 R2.855
X-2.203 Y1.433 R2.781
X-2.24 Y1.407 R2.744
X-2.276 Y1.38 R2.671
X-2.311 Y1.353 R2.635
X-2.346 Y1.326 R2.564
X-2.38 Y1.298 R2.529
X-2.413 Y1.27 R2.459
X-2.446 Y1.241 R2.425
X-2.478 Y1.212 R2.358
X-2.509 Y1.183 R2.325
X-2.539 Y1.153 R2.26
X-2.569 Y1.123 R2.228
X-2.597 Y1.093 R2.166
X-2.625 Y1.062 R2.135
X-2.652 Y1.031 R2.076
X-2.679 Y1. R2.047
X-2.704 Y0.968 R1.991
X-2.729 Y0.936 R1.964
X-2.753 Y0.904 R1.911
X-2.776 Y0.872 R1.886
X-2.798 Y0.839 R1.836
X-2.819 Y0.806 R1.812
X-2.84 Y0.773 R1.767
X-2.859 Y0.739 R1.745
X-2.878 Y0.705 R1.703
X-2.896 Y0.671 R1.683
X-2.913 Y0.637 R1.645
X-2.929 Y0.603 R1.626
X-2.944 Y0.569 R1.592
X-2.958 Y0.534 R1.576
X-2.972 Y0.499 R1.546
X-2.984 Y0.464 R1.531
X-2.996 Y0.429 R1.505
X-3.006 Y0.393 R1.493
X-3.016 Y0.358 R1.47
X-3.025 Y0.323 R1.46
X-3.033 Y0.287 R1.442
X-3.04 Y0.251 R1.434
X-3.046 Y0.216 R1.42
X-3.051 Y0.18 R1.413
X-3.055 Y0.144 R1.403
X-3.058 Y0.108 R1.399
X-3.061 Y0.072 R1.393
X-3.062 Y0.036 R1.391
Y-0.036 R1.389
X-3.061 Y-0.072 R1.391
X-3.058 Y-0.108 R1.393
X-3.055 Y-0.144 R1.399
X-3.051 Y-0.18 R1.403
X-3.046 Y-0.216 R1.413
X-3.04 Y-0.251 R1.42
X-3.033 Y-0.287 R1.434
X-3.025 Y-0.323 R1.442
X-3.016 Y-0.358 R1.46
X-3.006 Y-0.393 R1.47
X-2.996 Y-0.429 R1.493
X-2.984 Y-0.464 R1.505
X-2.972 Y-0.499 R1.531
X-2.958 Y-0.534 R1.546
X-2.944 Y-0.569 R1.576
X-2.929 Y-0.603 R1.592
X-2.913 Y-0.637 R1.626
X-2.896 Y-0.671 R1.645
X-2.878 Y-0.705 R1.683
X-2.859 Y-0.739 R1.703
X-2.84 Y-0.773 R1.745
X-2.819 Y-0.806 R1.767
X-2.798 Y-0.839 R1.812
X-2.776 Y-0.872 R1.836
X-2.753 Y-0.904 R1.886
X-2.729 Y-0.936 R1.911
X-2.704 Y-0.968 R1.964
X-2.679 Y-1. R1.991
X-2.652 Y-1.031 R2.047
X-2.625 Y-1.062 R2.076
X-2.597 Y-1.093 R2.135
X-2.569 Y-1.123 R2.166
X-2.539 Y-1.153 R2.228
X-2.509 Y-1.183 R2.26
X-2.478 Y-1.212 R2.325
X-2.446 Y-1.241 R2.358
X-2.413 Y-1.27 R2.425
X-2.38 Y-1.298 R2.459
X-2.346 Y-1.326 R2.529
X-2.311 Y-1.353 R2.564
X-2.276 Y-1.38 R2.635
X-2.24 Y-1.407 R2.671
X-2.203 Y-1.433 R2.744
X-2.166 Y-1.458 R2.781
X-2.127 Y-1.484 R2.855
X-2.089 Y-1.508 R2.892
X-2.049 Y-1.533 R2.966
X-2.009 Y-1.557 R3.004
X-1.969 Y-1.58 R3.079
X-1.927 Y-1.603 R3.117
X-1.885 Y-1.625 R3.192
X-1.843 Y-1.647 R3.229
X-1.8 Y-1.669 R3.304
X-1.757 Y-1.689 R3.341
X-1.713 Y-1.71 R3.415
X-1.668 Y-1.73 R3.451
X-1.623 Y-1.749 R3.524
X-1.577 Y-1.768 R3.56
X-1.531 Y-1.786 R3.631
X-1.485 Y-1.804 R3.666
X-1.438 Y-1.821 R3.734
X-1.39 Y-1.838 R3.768
X-1.343 Y-1.854 R3.834
X-1.294 Y-1.869 R3.866
X-1.246 Y-1.884 R3.93
X-1.197 Y-1.899 R3.96
X-1.147 Y-1.912 R4.02
X-1.098 Y-1.925 R4.049
X-1.047 Y-1.938 R4.105
X-0.997 Y-1.95 R4.132
X-0.946 Y-1.962 R4.184
X-0.895 Y-1.972 R4.209
X-0.844 Y-1.983 R4.256
X-0.793 Y-1.992 R4.278
X-0.741 Y-2.001 R4.321
X-0.689 Y-2.01 R4.341
X-0.637 Y-2.017 R4.378
X-0.584 Y-2.025 R4.396
X-0.532 Y-2.031 R4.428
X-0.479 Y-2.037 R4.443
X-0.426 Y-2.042 R4.469
X-0.373 Y-2.047 R4.481
X-0.32 Y-2.051 R4.502
X-0.267 Y-2.055 R4.511
X-0.214 Y-2.057 R4.526
X-0.16 Y-2.06 R4.532
X-0.107 Y-2.061 R4.541
X-0.053 Y-2.062 R4.544
X0.053 R4.547
X0.107 Y-2.061 R4.544
X0.16 Y-2.06 R4.541
X0.214 Y-2.057 R4.532
X0.267 Y-2.055 R4.526
X0.32 Y-2.051 R4.511
X0.373 Y-2.047 R4.502
X0.426 Y-2.042 R4.481
X0.479 Y-2.037 R4.469
X0.532 Y-2.031 R4.443
X0.584 Y-2.025 R4.428
X0.637 Y-2.017 R4.396
X0.689 Y-2.01 R4.378
X0.741 Y-2.001 R4.341
X0.793 Y-1.992 R4.321
X0.844 Y-1.983 R4.278
X0.895 Y-1.972 R4.256
X0.946 Y-1.962 R4.209
X0.997 Y-1.95 R4.184
X1.047 Y-1.938 R4.132
X1.098 Y-1.925 R4.105
X1.147 Y-1.912 R4.049
X1.197 Y-1.899 R4.02
X1.246 Y-1.884 R3.96
X1.294 Y-1.869 R3.93
X1.343 Y-1.854 R3.866
X1.39 Y-1.838 R3.834
X1.438 Y-1.821 R3.768
X1.485 Y-1.804 R3.734
X1.531 Y-1.786 R3.666
X1.577 Y-1.768 R3.631
X1.623 Y-1.749 R3.56
X1.668 Y-1.73 R3.524
X1.713 Y-1.71 R3.451
X1.757 Y-1.689 R3.415
X1.8 Y-1.669 R3.341
X1.843 Y-1.647 R3.304
X1.885 Y-1.625 R3.229
X1.927 Y-1.603 R3.192
X1.969 Y-1.58 R3.117
X2.009 Y-1.557 R3.079
X2.049 Y-1.533 R3.004
X2.089 Y-1.508 R2.966
X2.127 Y-1.484 R2.892
X2.166 Y-1.458 R2.855
X2.203 Y-1.433 R2.781
X2.24 Y-1.407 R2.744
X2.276 Y-1.38 R2.671
X2.311 Y-1.353 R2.635
X2.346 Y-1.326 R2.564
X2.38 Y-1.298 R2.529
X2.413 Y-1.27 R2.459
X2.446 Y-1.241 R2.425
X2.478 Y-1.212 R2.358
X2.509 Y-1.183 R2.325
X2.539 Y-1.153 R2.26
X2.569 Y-1.123 R2.228
X2.597 Y-1.093 R2.166
X2.625 Y-1.062 R2.135
X2.652 Y-1.031 R2.076
X2.679 Y-1. R2.047
X2.704 Y-0.968 R1.991
X2.729 Y-0.936 R1.964
X2.753 Y-0.904 R1.911
X2.776 Y-0.872 R1.886
X2.798 Y-0.839 R1.836
X2.819 Y-0.806 R1.812
X2.84 Y-0.773 R1.767
X2.859 Y-0.739 R1.745
X2.878 Y-0.705 R1.703
X2.896 Y-0.671 R1.683
X2.913 Y-0.637 R1.645
X2.929 Y-0.603 R1.626
X2.944 Y-0.569 R1.592
X2.958 Y-0.534 R1.576
X2.972 Y-0.499 R1.546
X2.984 Y-0.464 R1.531
X2.996 Y-0.429 R1.505
X3.006 Y-0.393 R1.493
X3.016 Y-0.358 R1.47
X3.025 Y-0.323 R1.46
X3.033 Y-0.287 R1.442
X3.04 Y-0.251 R1.434
X3.046 Y-0.216 R1.42
X3.051 Y-0.18 R1.413
X3.055 Y-0.144 R1.403
X3.058 Y-0.108 R1.399
X3.061 Y-0.072 R1.393
X3.062 Y-0.036 R1.391
X3.063 Y0. R1.389
G02 X3.558 Y0.5 R0.5
G01 G40 X4.324 Y0.258
G00 Z1.
G91 G28 Y0 Z0

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