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Mach3 tool table
« on: October 08, 2015, 02:53:15 AM »

 I am new to Mach3 and looked through the forum but did not see anything about this.

 I have been running Aspire8 to make the G code and running my machine with Mach3 without much of any trouble. I tried to load the tool table and now Z is going nuts. If I have anything other then 0 in the Height field bad things happen. If you go down to auto 0 tool to the top of your work it goes up the amount you have in tool table height plus what I have set in auto 0 gadget.

 If I try to run a G code with anything more then 0 in Height it will try to drive the tool to Z 0, plus the amount in Height.

 What am I not seeing?

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