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Author Topic: ESS and MX3660 - Spindle on and e-stop difficulties  (Read 3762 times)

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ESS and MX3660 - Spindle on and e-stop difficulties
« on: September 24, 2015, 04:20:55 PM »
I'm on Mach4,  using ESS and the Ldadshine MX3660 and almost everything is working well now with two exceptions. Should mention that this is for an Inventables X-Carve and my spindle is a Dewalt 611 router.

2. I've enabled ESS Port 2 pin 17 with the spindle on function with X in active low. In Mach 4 in Outout signals the Spindle On feature is pointing to ESS and the Spindle on function. My MX 3660 is configured to look at pin 17 for an output that goes to a relay that powers the Dewalt. Generating an M3 in Mach does turn on Spindle on and Spindle forward in machine diagnostics but that's all it get. There's no output in pin 17 of Port 2 of ESS and of course nothing coming out of the 3660.

2. Executing an estop on the MX3660 does stop the motors but Mach doesn't see it and keeps running the gcode. In the Mach 4 Input Signals tab I have the estop feature pointing to the estop function in ESS. But nothing is happening.

Bear with me I'm very new at this so maybe I've completely fat fingered it but can anyone assist?