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Author Topic: NFS Mill V2 is on the web  (Read 4560 times)

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NFS Mill V2 is on the web
« on: October 10, 2015, 08:13:33 AM »
The NFS Mill package was updated to V2 and has been on the download site for a couple weeks now. http://www.machsupport.com/software/downloads-updates/#tabs-3

There are a couple new operations, a regular polygon and a shape or polyline.

Polygon will do any regular polygon of any size. A regular polygon has all sides of the same length- so common things like triangle or hexagons. You may cut inside, outside, on the line or fully pocket the polygon. You specify the polygon by the inside circle- that is across the flats  for a hexagon, or by a circle around the points.

Polyline is a very interesting operation. You may specify any shape composed of line segments and arcs. You are required to first enter a start point, then may select line segment or arc. Arcs may be specified by center and radius or by location of center. You may enter up to 20 segments. We could change the 20 limit, but it seems unlikely anyone would want to enter a more complicated shape in a wizard- that may be time to use a CAD package.

The shape may be cut on the line, inside, outside or a full pocket. Note pockets can have islands by specifying an outside shape, then starting a new curve that will be the island. At this time the groove operation must be a closed curve, but I am working on code to allow a groove that is not closed.

The entry of the line segments can get a little complicated. We are not completely happy with the input at this time and are looking at ideas for improvement.

A number of bugs were fixed, and some of the screens were re-arranged to make them more clear. I cleared up the use of the origin point and a reference point- all shapes have a ref point that defines where they are relative to your coordinate origin.

V2 also has new license code, so if you have an older version you will need to use the web site to request a new license. Log-in to your account on the machsupport.com site. You must first de-activate your current license, then enter the new PCID. A new license file will be mailed to you.

As always I will follow this forum for any support questions. I hope you will find this new version useful

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Re: NFS Mill V2 is on the web
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