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Author Topic: DL06 tool change safety brain  (Read 2312 times)

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DL06 tool change safety brain
« on: September 04, 2015, 02:23:15 AM »
Hi guys,

    I need help designing a brain that is based off the state of a single input (tool change limit switch) that will prevent Mach3 from moving or attempting to start the spindle in the event that the limit is not active. The 16 carrousel tool changer is under the direction of a DL06 plc. The PLC and mach3 communicate via modbus upon activation of the M6 macro.  I have the tool changer working at this time, but I want to implement a few safety measures in the system. I'm imagining a scenario where an inattentive operator triggers manual tool change movements when the spindle is active or the axis are moving. I'm also paranoid that of mach sending the Z axis crashing down through the changer while the carrousel is  in the extended position and linked up with a tool.  Basically, I don't want Mach3 to so much as twitch if the carrousel or the spindle dog move from their resting state limit switches. But I also don't want to send a stop command to Mach3 whenever the switches go low. This would stop the program. Where could I send the command in brains without disrupting the M6 macro or the program in general?

I'll also be designing a brain that will cut power to the relays controlling the pneumatic solenoids whenever the machine axis are moving or mach3 is actively sending a run command to the spindle. I think I have a handle on this brain though. I'll simply create a brain that will set the output controlling the relay power to low if the axis velocity DROs have a non 0 value or if the spindle is active in mach.

Thanks for any and all help!