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Author Topic: Adjusting the resolution of an MPG on the fly...OEM code for COUNTS/UNIT?  (Read 1798 times)

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So I have an MPG going in to a USB Smoothstepper in Mach3, and everything is grand, more or less. Electrically, all functions are working - - MPG jogging, X/Y/Z/A/OFF select, and when I TAB out to the MPG mode window, selecting the .001 / .01 / .1 changes the 'Cycle Jog Step' number to what it's supposed to be, and the encoder isn't dropping steps or anything funny. It's a differential drive going in to Smoothstepper's special inputs and it's clean as a whistle.

Problem is..

Changing that scale dial does nothing to change the MPG resolution. I once had this working on an AJAX-CNC system and it worked pretty much as I thought it should, and I THINK I had it once working right on Smoothstepper, but right now, it's doing squat. Also, the step distance per tick seems to be rather arbitrary. My current count/unit is at 4, which is technically "right" for my MPG.

I have the MPG mode set to Step/Velocity. I can set it to MultiStep and it sort of works, but it shakes the crap out of the machine.

Now, I'd be happy to change the BRAIN associated with it to adjust the COUNTS/UNIT for the MPG in question, but I can't find a code for that.  I know this question has been floated around the forums before, but never really answered that well. Is there an OEM code to change this? There are codes to change the motor pulses per unit, this one seems like it should have a code too?

I'm running Mach 3.043.062 and USB Smoothstepper V17FD

I'm running Mach 062 on the recommendation of Warp9TD - http://www.warp9td.com/index.php/sw/software-mach#MachThree
Apparently it's more stable?

Anybody have any thoughts?