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MPG/Homing problem
« on: August 05, 2015, 09:15:58 AM »

Any ideas on this one guys?

I am using Mach3 (.062 ver) with the "d" SmoothStepper plug in and get some odd problems.

1. Using the Mach3 fly out MPG, when I hit "-Z" the spindle moves up, but when I press again it moves down. If I press it repeatedly I do not know if it is going to move the spindle up or down. If I press "+Z" I get the same random behaviour.

2. Z axis will jog (but as above behaviour). BUT if I try to home Z I get motor noise/vibration/juddering but screw does not move.

If I change pin outs in Mach3 and use Y's pin out for Z, when I ref home spindle bounces off BOTH hi and low switches....it will do this forever until I hit reset. Position value soars to thousands. Axis does not seem to know where it is. Limit switches WORK (if I jog spindle I can arrest movement by manually hitting the switch).

This afternoon I am going to move the Z motor wires to the Y smoothstepper and see what happens. I have reinstalled Mach amd the plug in...no change. I am running win8