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Author Topic: How to setup brain for Estop with motor feedback on clearpath?  (Read 5029 times)

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I have been playing around with a brain to enable a clearpath motor with feedback signal. Basically I need to send an enable signal to the clearpath motor and when the motor is enabled I get a signal back from the motor (feedback). The feedback signal will transition from on (5v) to off (0v) if the motor stops working ie a crash.

I have been semi successful in the setup as I used the enable signals from mach to drive the enable signals of the motors. The feedback does change and when a crash happens ( I did this on purpose) I can cause an estop to happen. What I am concerned with is that with this setup I boot up mach 3 and the motors are coming up ready and feeback is active. I want to start in a reset state. Anybody have any experience in this area? Also it would be nice to have some sort of message pop up with information as to what axis caused the alarms.