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Author Topic: Tool offset dropped by wizards and G code. Z goes through material not to 0  (Read 1917 times)

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I am having a similar problem to someone who posted a couple of years ago but no one responded. 
After Referencing XY andZ axis to their home positions, I create a G 52 work offset on my material. All works well as far as G 52 work offsets, and the referenced tool going to the G52 zero position when I select "Go to Zero".  But as soon as I load g code from BobCad and or some of the Mach 3 Wizards, some how the tool offset gets dropped and if I don't stop the Z axis it will go all the way through the machining wax I am playing with. I have already ruined a diamond tipped engraving tool as a result of this.  I have checked and rechecked the g code and BobCad says the G code is fine and that it has to be a Mach 3 setting some where.  I cannot figure out where. 

I would really like to get this cleared up so if someone could please call me or give me a number to contact you I would appreciate it a lot.


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I understand there will be a $45/ hr charge.

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Further to my request for phone support, please find a G-Code file generated by Bob CAD/CAM for a simple 4 letter engraving.  This program is the latest one that I have tried and which will bury the tool into the material and which turns off tool offset.  I figured that you would want to see and example of a program that didn't work at some point.

(MTOOL T3 S1 D.001 C0. A0. H1.5)
(SBOX X0. Y-3.068 Z-1.15 L3.48 W3.068 H1.15)

(DATE - FRI. 07/24/2015)
(TIME - 10:32AM)

N01 G20 G40 G49 G54 G80 G90 G91.1
;N02 G53 Z0.

;N03 T3 M6
N04 S1 M03
N05 G00 G90 G54 X1.565 Y-1.3763
;N06 G43 H3 Z1. M08
N07 Z.2
N08 Z.1
N09 G01 Z-.005 F.0014
N10 Y-1.7263 F.0029
N11 X1.615
N12 Y-1.538
N13 G17 G02 X1.6249 Y-1.4701 I.2373 J0.
N14 X1.6334 Y-1.4513 I.0741 J-.0221
N15 X1.6499 Y-1.4342 I.0487 J-.0305
N16 X1.6773 Y-1.4263 I.0256 J-.0377
N17 X1.7142 Y-1.4375 I-.0031 J-.0768
N18 G01 X1.7317 Y-1.3867
N19 G03 X1.6795 Y-1.3763 I-.053 J-.1296
N20 X1.6442 Y-1.3881 I-.0003 J-.0577
N21 X1.631 Y-1.4017 I.0512 J-.0627
N22 X1.615 Y-1.426 I.1664 J-.1269
N23 G01 Y-1.3763
N24 X1.565
N25 G00 Z.2
N26 X1.4817 Y-1.493
N27 Z.1
N28 G01 Z-.005 F.0014
N29 X1.2817 F.0029
N30 Y-1.543
N31 X1.4317
N32 Y-1.6287
N33 G02 X1.4034 Y-1.6464 I-.1008 J.1296
N34 X1.363 Y-1.6632 I-.1518 J.3081
N35 X1.2528 Y-1.6743 I-.0788 J.23
N36 X1.1895 Y-1.6564 I.0291 J.2241
N37 X1.1694 Y-1.6456 I.0658 J.1469
N38 X1.1232 Y-1.5979 I.075 J.1187
N39 X1.1085 Y-1.5647 I.1401 J.0821
N40 X1.1009 Y-1.5309 I.1943 J.0614
N41 X1.099 Y-1.4741 I.2722 J.0372
N42 X1.1153 Y-1.406 I.2143 J-.0153
N43 X1.1489 Y-1.3561 I.1438 J-.0606
N44 X1.1783 Y-1.334 I.0945 J-.0947
N45 X1.2367 Y-1.3134 I.0893 J-.1601
N46 X1.2926 Y-1.3098 I.0453 J-.265
N47 X1.3343 Y-1.316 I-.0078 J-.197
N48 X1.3674 Y-1.3285 I-.0413 J-.1588
N49 X1.3848 Y-1.3392 I-.0546 J-.1075
N50 X1.4107 Y-1.3681 I-.0586 J-.0787
N51 X1.4293 Y-1.4102 I-.171 J-.1009
N52 G01 X1.4759 Y-1.3951
N53 G03 X1.4639 Y-1.3598 I-.2426 J-.0634
N54 X1.449 Y-1.3321 I-.1654 J-.0707
N55 X1.4034 Y-1.2889 I-.1134 J-.0742
N56 X1.3487 Y-1.2671 I-.1023 J-.177
N57 X1.3017 Y-1.2601 I-.0635 J-.2651
N58 X1.2243 Y-1.2652 I-.0187 J-.31
N59 X1.1632 Y-1.2855 I.0465 J-.2416
N60 X1.0934 Y-1.3448 I.0806 J-.1656
N61 X1.079 Y-1.3681 I.1695 J-.1199
N62 X1.0555 Y-1.4314 I.2346 J-.1232
N63 X1.0515 Y-1.5378 I.274 J-.0636
N64 X1.054 Y-1.5519 I.2698 J.0415
N65 X1.0775 Y-1.6162 I.2335 J.0486
N66 X1.132 Y-1.6792 I.1679 J.0902
N67 X1.1575 Y-1.6953 I.122 J.1649
N68 X1.2156 Y-1.7177 I.1199 J.2249
N69 X1.2495 Y-1.724 I.0703 J.2811
N70 X1.4025 Y-1.7031 I.0374 J.2964
N71 X1.4817 Y-1.6573 I-.1385 J.3304
N72 G01 Y-1.493
N73 G00 Z.2
N74 X1.815 Y-1.5096
N75 Z.1
N76 G01 Z-.005 F.0014
N77 G02 X1.8253 Y-1.4739 I.0877 J-.0059 F.0029
N78 X1.8479 Y-1.4479 I.0741 J-.0417
N79 X1.8846 Y-1.4302 I.0617 J-.081
N80 X1.9168 Y-1.4263 I.0312 J-.1233
N81 X1.9576 Y-1.433 I.0019 J-.1156
N82 X1.991 Y-1.4536 I-.0315 J-.0884
N83 X2.008 Y-1.4795 I-.0479 J-.05
N84 X2.015 Y-1.5096 I-.1142 J-.0424
N85 G01 X1.815
N86 G00 Z.2
N87 Y-1.5596
N88 Z.1
N89 G01 Z-.005 F.0014
N90 X2.0647 F.0029
N91 X2.0649 Y-1.5482
N92 G03 X2.0618 Y-1.5033 I-.2567 J.0046
N93 X2.052 Y-1.4664 I-.1848 J-.0294
N94 X1.9997 Y-1.4001 I-.1312 J-.0497
N95 X1.9594 Y-1.3816 I-.0741 J-.109
N96 X1.9328 Y-1.3769 I-.0409 J-.1542
N97 X1.8825 Y-1.3797 I-.0157 J-.1738
N98 X1.8371 Y-1.3978 I.027 J-.1337
N99 X1.7954 Y-1.4381 I.0747 J-.1193
N100 X1.7734 Y-1.4862 I.1306 J-.0886
N101 X1.7657 Y-1.5319 I.2445 J-.0649
N102 X1.768 Y-1.5948 I.2819 J-.0214
N103 X1.7783 Y-1.6347 I.1897 J.0282
N104 X1.8124 Y-1.6866 I.1339 J.0508
N105 X1.8672 Y-1.7188 I.0934 J.096
N106 X1.9202 Y-1.7263 I.0509 J.1692
N107 X1.9733 Y-1.7193 I.0024 J.1867
N108 X2.0169 Y-1.6974 I-.0349 J.1239
N109 X2.049 Y-1.6607 I-.0765 J.0993
N110 X2.0634 Y-1.6263 I-.129 J.0743
N111 G01 X2.0142
N112 G02 X1.9992 Y-1.6479 I-.0843 J.0429
N113 X1.9736 Y-1.6663 I-.0584 J.0542
N114 X1.9492 Y-1.6739 I-.0435 J.0965
N115 X1.9215 Y-1.6763 I-.0269 J.1461
N116 X1.8941 Y-1.6731 I-.0014 J.1051
N117 X1.8368 Y-1.6327 I.0243 J.0954
N118 X1.8231 Y-1.6046 I.0919 J.062
N119 X1.815 Y-1.5596 I.1665 J.0534
N120 G00 Z.2
N121 X2.2637 Y-1.4263
N122 Z.1
N123 G01 Z-.005 F.0014
N124 G02 X2.3118 Y-1.4389 I.0011 J-.0939 F.0029
N125 X2.3509 Y-1.4801 I-.0501 J-.0866
N126 X2.3589 Y-1.5011 I-.0938 J-.0478
N127 X2.365 Y-1.551 I-.1804 J-.0474
N128 X2.3627 Y-1.5849 I-.2294 J-.0013
N129 X2.3567 Y-1.6106 I-.1498 J.0215
N130 X2.3474 Y-1.6311 I-.0985 J.0323
N131 X2.34 Y-1.6416 I-.0731 J.0433
N132 X2.2893 Y-1.6735 I-.0728 J.0595
N133 X2.2647 Y-1.6763 I-.0236 J.0981
N134 X2.2453 Y-1.6746 I-.0013 J.0975
N135 X2.1881 Y-1.6394 I.0175 J.0924
N136 X2.1711 Y-1.6027 I.0846 J.0615
N137 X2.165 Y-1.549 I.2079 J.0507
N138 X2.1672 Y-1.5174 I.2092 J.001
N139 X2.1749 Y-1.4879 I.1395 J-.0206
N140 X2.1996 Y-1.4514 I.0894 J-.0339
N141 X2.2637 Y-1.4263 I.0627 J-.0658
N142 G00 Z.2
N143 X2.415 Y-1.6759
N144 Z.1
N145 G01 Z-.005 F.0014
N146 Y-1.3763 F.0029
N147 X2.365
N148 Y-1.4263
N149 G03 X2.3418 Y-1.4027 I-.1149 J-.0899
N150 X2.3041 Y-1.3824 I-.0738 J-.0914
N151 X2.2706 Y-1.3764 I-.0383 J-.1183
N152 X2.2313 Y-1.3796 I-.0064 J-.1653
N153 X2.1995 Y-1.3904 I.0267 J-.131
N154 X2.1452 Y-1.4393 I.0588 J-.1196
N155 X2.1243 Y-1.4863 I.1566 J-.098
N156 X2.1156 Y-1.5711 I.2322 J-.0667
N157 X2.1242 Y-1.6167 I.2096 J.0158
N158 X2.1604 Y-1.682 I.1709 J.0522
N159 X2.2174 Y-1.7191 I.0939 J.0819
N160 X2.2673 Y-1.7263 I.0478 J.1543
N161 X2.3421 Y-1.7 I.0014 J.1153
N162 X2.365 Y-1.6763 I-.0927 J.1125
N163 G02 X2.3635 Y-1.7285 I-.6465 J-.0081
N164 X2.3603 Y-1.7495 I-.1253 J.0086
N165 X2.3186 Y-1.798 I-.0755 J.0227
N166 X2.2933 Y-1.8062 I-.0446 J.0941
N167 X2.2551 Y-1.8096 I-.0364 J.1927
N168 X2.2149 Y-1.8041 I-.0023 J.1326
N169 X2.1874 Y-1.7898 I.0236 J.079
N170 X2.1717 Y-1.7687 I.0357 J.0427
N171 X2.165 Y-1.743 I.0872 J.0366
N172 G01 X2.115
N173 G03 X2.1173 Y-1.7727 I.1415 J-.0041
N174 X2.1225 Y-1.7912 I.0996 J.0184
N175 X2.1606 Y-1.8361 I.0844 J.0329
N176 X2.203 Y-1.8538 I.0754 J.121
N177 X2.2355 Y-1.8589 I.05 J.2106
N178 X2.2999 Y-1.8556 I.0198 J.2433
N179 X2.3389 Y-1.8432 I-.0301 J.162
N180 X2.3803 Y-1.8132 I-.0554 J.12
N181 X2.4066 Y-1.7638 I-.0799 J.0742
N182 X2.4131 Y-1.7226 I-.2754 J.0644
N183 X2.415 Y-1.6759 I-.5667 J.0467
N184 G00 Z.2
N185 Z1.
N186 M09
N187 M05
;N188 G53 Z0.
;N189 G53 Y0.
N190 M30