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Author Topic: Lathe turret toolchanger  (Read 11657 times)

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Re: Lathe turret toolchanger
« Reply #10 on: March 09, 2006, 08:11:07 PM »
The CNC Lathes that I run the Turret moves out, then it turns and drops back in on the "pins"...
Just an FYI
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Re: Lathe turret toolchanger
« Reply #11 on: March 09, 2006, 11:10:46 PM »
The racket system works like this . As the inner shaft rotates CW, it pushes the roller up out of its notch, As the next notch rotates into position the roller falls back down in the notch. The shaft rotates CCW and locks the roller into the notches top and bottom. This system will hold a great deal of load in the compressed direction and will turn with your fingers in the free direction.  (:-) Terry

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Re: Lathe turret toolchanger
« Reply #12 on: April 02, 2006, 12:58:32 AM »
Got the toolchanger design mostly done, got the materials and equipment for it, have to print off the drawings and go machine it all. What I would need for the Basic, sequence possibly should go; Solenoid energises to draw lock pin, lock pin sensor sees pin unlocked, stepper motor accelerates then deaccelerates to stop at called out position, 200 step motor, 8 positions, so 25 steps per tool position, code would be better if it were bidirectional so some logic needed to decide which way to go for shortest change degrees. As lock pin solenoid denergises, stepper "vibrates" maybe one microstep either way until lock pin sensor sees pin fully locked. Pin locked signal determines program resume. I will try to get away with not using a home sensor on the turret and will make sure I set the turret in tool position 1 before shutdown each time, upon machine start it will assume it is in that place. If this is a problem I can add a turret home sensor eventually. The italian toolchanger I used in the Clausing lathe had a DC motor to turn it, and as the lock pin plunged back in it would reverse slightly to assist the pin to seat fully, this system worked well and never gave any trouble in years of operation. Using a stepper to do this is possibly easier to do. Thanks to all.
Re: Lathe turret toolchanger
« Reply #13 on: April 07, 2006, 02:56:55 PM »
I'm new here so please excuse my impertanance. I think a very easy and effective indexing system is a 'geneva' system.Lockup can easily be achieved by a solinoid driven tapered pin.
Re: Lathe turret toolchanger
« Reply #14 on: September 09, 2007, 10:25:36 AM »
Am retrofitting an Index NC lathe which already has an 8 position turret.
Since I know nothing about VB programming, has anyone done a macro for controlling the turret they would be willing to share?