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Author Topic: Getting the CHM (Help File), to launch with the F1 key in Windows 8.x  (Read 2317 times)

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When you are in the mcLua scripter, and you want to launch the "Help" (CHM) file for the mc.mc*********x call you wanting to know about.
Put your cursor to the Right of the "Dot" after the second "mc", i.e.  "|" represents the cursor:

(see attached screen shot, of cursor position)

then hit the "F1" key this will bring up the CHM file already at the name of the mc.mc call you are on.
NOTE: you will have to have the full name of the mc call typed out.
This will bring up the CHM help file already on the page that has that call defined and explained.


On Windows 8.x (at least on my dev laptop), if you hit "F1" this brings up the Windows Help file instead.
The solution is to turn off the "F1" key from launching Windows Help.

To do that:

  • During reboot hold down “Esc” key, or, what ever key your comp needs to get to the BIOS
  • In the BIOS, go to system->Action Keys and disable them, then F10

Now when you do the above, "F1" will now launch the CHM file from the mcLua scripter.


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