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Author Topic: ports and pins ....outputs .. random numbers filled in automatically  (Read 1327 times)

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the charge pump will not take any pin other than 17 and output 1 will not take any pin other than 17.. so if i want to use the relay on the c41 board, i cannot use the charge pump which is unsafe...

when im tryinhg to put a number in one of the output boxes, any box...it bounces from that box to a random box and fill in a random pin number on its own...

it also locks out the slider to right and i cannot move it..i have to close out ports and pins then restart it.. if i double click in random boxes again it jumps again to anotrher box and fill in a random number and locks out the slider...please let me know if i can talk to someone or where to post this. i downloaded a trial version on my laptop and its doing the same as my mill comp both on windows 7 32 bit.
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