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Author Topic: A simple way to set your tool table length's  (Read 1665 times)

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A simple way to set your tool table length's
« on: May 01, 2015, 06:21:53 AM »
Here is a a simple way for anyone to add tool length to their tool table. 

Do all the steps below after how establish a z home .

1. Using a 1,2,3 block or any thing that you know the exact size bring the head of your machine down to the top of the block ( can be on the vise or on the table it doesn't matter ) 
Be sure the to be able to slide the block in between the spindle face and the surface your using . Once you establish that zero out your Z.number .

2. Install tool of choice in your spindle . Pick up your cutter on top of that block . And record your Z.number in your tool offsets and APPLY and SAVE.

3.take that tool and pick it up on the block and set your z 3"(76.2mm)( or what ever height your block you are using is )

4. From here on out the set up will be the same . 

Change cutters and Tool # bring that tool down to the pick up block and go to your tool offsets. Change your tool off set length to zero 0.0 now if you look at your Z in you DRO it will be larger than your pick up block. You need to take that number and subtract your pick up block and then enter that into your offset length . APPLY AND SAVE. 
IF you did this correctly you will have the DRO Z.number the same as your pick up block .

change tool # and repeat.

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