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Author Topic: Strange, Help, Motor ATuning alters after G-Code loaded, Restart M3, it's fine!  (Read 6140 times)

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Help, Help, Help!

Mach3, load a G-code file and the motor tuning numbers stay the same, but if I recheck the Z it goes from what was a .5" on the DRO to .06xx", for .5" on the Dial indicator.

File created in SW2015, exported to DFX, into HSM.

Win 7 86, 4 gig Ram, 250gig HD, 3070 CPU, Syba Parallel card

It is altered before here.

(T1  D=0.25 CR=0. - ZMIN=-0.1375 - FLAT END MILL)
G90 G94 G91.1 G40 G49 G17
G28 G91 Z0.

T1 M6
S5000 M3
G0 X0.8801 Y0.1802
G43 Z0.6 H1
G1 Z0.125 F20.
G3 X0.8793 Y0.1811 Z0.1174 R0.1188
X0.8772 Y0.1838 Z0.1106 R0.1188
X0.8738 Y0.1878 Z0.1051 R0.1187

Help, Help, Help, Thanks

Sorry not sure where the "A" came from in the subject line?

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Sorry but I have no idea what you are trying to do or say.

" G90 G94 G91.1 G40 G49 G17"  You need to put the G90 and G91.1 on seperate lines

G28 G91 Z0.  send the z to the Zhome position(whwere ever that is on your system) via Z0

DO you have the tool length offsets set in the tool table for tool 1 ?

You never go negative in Z so you are not cutting anything.

Can you explain again what it is you need to know ?

(;-) TP

Ok Lets try this in a little more completely.

I have a new table, and i have set all the motor tuning so that .5" on the DRO matches a .5" on Dial a indicator, for X-Y-Z.

It is repeatable, shut it down, reboot, anything the calibration stays.

now if i load the above G-Code file, then put the dial indicator back on, the indicator goes .5" and the DRO reads .06xx.

If I shut down Mach3 and restart it is back to .5" and .5"

Is this a bit clearer?

If you have any question please ask, I really want to get this working right.

Please help
It was created with HSM using the Mach3 post processor.

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The gcode file cannot effect motor tuning.  After you load the file HOW are you testing the movement ? How are you making Mach3 move to test? are there any scaling leds lit ?(right side of axis DROs)

Are you in inc G91 or Abs G90 when testing ?

(;-) TP
Testing is done with a Mag base and dial indicator, set the indicator on top of the spindle mount, and use the P-Up till the indicator read .5" if the G-code was loaded it will read .06xx", after shut down and starting again it is back to .05"

will go and check the other stuff now
Ok, just went and checked again:

Fired up the system fresh, fired up Mach3

Checked its calibration and X-Y-Z, all were with in .003 matching the dial indicator and the DRO.

loaded the G-code file, checked X-Y-Y, example the Z was .5" on the dial indicator and the DRO read .0641.

There were no scaling LED's lit.

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Test it from the MDI line or this simple program.  Set Z0 above the table high enough to get the indicator in place. Stop mid table and Zero XY.

G90 G49  G49 G80
G91.1 G20
G0 X0 Y0 Z0
G1 X.1 F5 ( take up any slack in the +dir)
M01  (set and Zero the  indicator for X)
G1 X.500 F5  ( Move .500 "to the right)
G1 Y0.1000  ( take up any slack in Y + dir)
M01   ( set up idicator and zero on Y)
G1 Y0.500 F5  ( move the Y back .500")
G1 Z-0.1 F5
G1 Z0.000 F5 ( take up slack in Z + dir UP)
M01    ( set up indicator and set to .500)
G1 Z.500 F5   ( Indicator will go to Zero)

IF all 3 axis's move  .500 then you are good to go.

(;-) TP
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I have a Nack to find any and all obscure problem in anything I do, it's a gift!

OK I entered

G90 G49  G49 G80
G91.1 G20
G0 X0 Y0 Z0
G1 X.1 F5 ( take up any slack in the +dir)
M01  (set and Zero the  indicator for X)
G1 X.500 F5  ( Move .500 "to the right)

And it moved 12.75" as the tape measure fly's!

So I shut down M3, restarted and just entered

G1 X.500 F5

and it moved .50x"